Friends From Earth And Outer Space

A connection between love, science and transcendence

Por: João Alves da Gama

(Content from the Preface)

In an age where art in its various forms has been confused with the trivialization of human feelings and values, this book rescues the deepest essence of the human being. The stories told here enable us to enjoy insightful conversations among young doctors who share sincere friendship. In the course of their professional daily routine, they deal with their demons and wonder about life beyond Earth.

How much baggage do we carry? What is the importance of our relationships in coping with the hardships of this life? Is it possible that beings from other planets may visit us with the sole purpose of providing enlightenment?

The singularity of the events portrayed in this book unfolded when the young medical student Lucas has a meeting with his "friends from outer space", bringing us precious insights about life in other dimensions.

This journey of discovery and self-awareness brings about the peculiarities of the harsh daily routine proper of the Brazilian hospital reality, while telling the stories of friends who in midst adversities of the hospital life, find in one another strength and courage to share their deepest secrets and worries as they prepare for a dream wedding in Scotland.

These issues are exacerbated by the moral values of society itself, which lead the physician to come across the emotionally shocking emergencies of NICU(1), as well as the perception of the pediatric emergency room.

The events shown in this book depict realities which afflict doctors as human beings. Being susceptible much like anyone else to the energetic negativities generated by facts proper of the hospital reality, doctors try not to absorb them in order to carry on with their lives. Their emotional and mental bodies are constantly shaken with such perverse warps in contemporary society. Which has possibly been one of the preponderant factors influencing their psychophysical health, which in its turn, lead to a lower survival rate when compared to the general population. Such burden rank doctors high in depression and suicide statistics when compared to other liberal professionals who most give up living so drastically.

Another relevant feature of this book is that it allows us to reflect on the need for a science connected to the vision of man as a multidimensional being, whose psyche is eternal, since it transcends the reality of matter, which implies a science that does not only care for bodies but for the whole man.

This new science inserts in its concepts the importance of love, gratitude, goodness, ethics and spirituality as healthy remedies for health, happiness and quality of life.

The author's courage to bring such pertinent themes is consecrated when he approaches the topic of regression, which is a therapeutic technique not yet inserted in the conventional scientific treaties, but that has been expanding with notoriety in the scientific environment. The Regressive Therapy to Past Lives Experiences allows the subject to delve deeply into the source of trauma and existential conflicts, bringing to the own consciousness the energetic nuclei generated by them, releasing the residues of the sensations, feelings, thoughts and images that generated these conflicts and traumas.

To have the honor of doing this afterword was a gift to myself, because it connected me with the best that life can give us, bringing together in one work matters of Love, Science and Transcendence in the form of a novel. Friends from outer space gifts us with insights into quantum science while warming our hearts, revitalizing our souls, and rescuing hope in a society whose love is the soil in which our actions are based.

Dr. Norma Alves de Oliveira

Medical Psychiatrist Spiritualist

Master of Science in Health

Post Graduation in Transpersonal Psychology and in Regressive Therapy

Current President of the Sergipana Association of Psychiatry

Natal, Setember 13th, 2018

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Tema: Fantasia, Realismo Fantástico, Oculto, Ficção Científica, Literatura Estrangeira, Ficção Palavras-chave: alves, and, da, earth, friends, from, gama, joão, outer, space


Número de páginas: 200
Edição: 2(2018)
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