Por: Léo Pajeú

Are present in this issue exactly 4 short stories. Narratives that mix from the macabre to the suspense, the horror to the imaginatiorn. In the vast majority of these tales, we have Leo Pajeú exploring the Imagination and all its facets, as in: the CURSED BOTTLE, the HOME of the MISSING, the 3D CREATURE and SATANIC PASSION - the principle. Some are more sensitive, more reflective, but everyone, in one way or another, awaken in the reader any strong emotion. The four Tales begin with the story "the Cursed Bottle", which is quite intuitive. We like the story the legend of this Tank, after the death of the old owner of the site of the cross, your daughter is responsible to care for and preserve the secrets hidden within that piece of clay, that nobody really knows for sure what it is, but after your death the will to find it arouses interest, and this can cause situations that will take Pedro Beato, Ana Gomes and João do Jeep inside this story. Here you will read the first chapter of the book that Leo Pajeú's writing.

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Tema: Livros De Bolso, Literatura Estrangeira, Ficção e Romance Palavras-chave: stories, suspense, tales, terror


Número de páginas: 141
Edição: 1(2019)
Formato: A5 148x210
ISBN: 978-1977096784
Coloração: Preto e branco
Acabamento: Brochura c/ orelha
Tipo de papel: Offset 75g

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